Social and Emotional Development

Social and Emotional development is crucial in the growth and over all health of children. It is an important foundation that helps a child develop strong and secure relationships. Children tend to be better at making friends, following instructions, and dealing with their emotions.

Children develop these skills over time and also learn from their environment and the adults that surround them. For children to develop these skills quickly and easily they need to feel like they are in a safe and secure environment. Parents can help do this by helping their child develop emotional and social skills in a positive and easier way.

What Parents can do

Create routines for your baby throughout the day! Having a routine such as feeding your baby and having a set bedtime each day helps your baby feel more secure. When things are not in a routine and are unpredictable your baby will feel less secure and will be less likely to develop emotional and social skills as easily. Don’t worry about “spoiling” your baby with your attention at this stage; the more attention and affection your baby receives now will help them be independent in the future.

Your toddler is now more independent and is becoming more aware of their self. You should encourage playtime and help them lead the playtime to feel more independent and in charge. This will help them build their self-esteem.

Your child will start to develop friendships with other children and they will start to express their emotions. As the parent you can help your child manage their emotions in healthy ways.