About Us

Help For My Child (H4MC) is an organization devoted to the healthy development of children who live in and around Merced County. Our objective is to help community members, families, and professionals connect with local, regional, and State-wide partners who offer resources that serve the needs of children who are at risk for  intellectual or behavioral challenges that can adversely influence normal development and learning.

Kid LineupH4MC is a virtual information center and is funded by First 5 of Merced County. It is  partnered with the UC Merced Alliance for  Child and Family Health and Development.  The UCM Alliance provides community outreach and houses research groups focused on populations and issues relevant to the Valley and foothill communities.

The UCM Alliance has a physical location at 1018 West 18th Street Merced, CA 95340.
Hours vary and will be available on the UCM Alliance web page or by contacting the Alliance at jgucmalliance1@gmail.com.